The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing entails various materials and techniques utilized to prevent water from entering a building or a home’s basement. Waterproofing a basement will often require the application of various sealants, the placement of drains, sump pumps and other drain-inhibiting equipment, and the installation of basement waterproofing materials. In order to understand the full range of basement waterproofing solutions available, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of what waterproofing actually is and how it works. Essentially, it involves a process whereby a membrane, such as an epoxy or a rubber waterproofing membrane is applied to a basement or crawl space to prevent external water from entering and disrupting the structure. A properly implemented waterproofing system will not only make a basement leak-proof but will also reduce the growth of mold and mildew in the area, which can spread harmful bacteria and toxins throughout a home and increase the amount of maintenance needed by homeowners.

The basement has long been considered a hidden treasure house hidden from sight. It was never intended to be a functional part of the living areas of the home and was always designed with a view to being unused or tucked away in the corner of the garage or in the basement. Waterproofing your basement now, will allow you to finally enjoy the many extra rooms that have been hiding in the basement and will give your home the storage space that it needs to hold all of the things that are currently in your garage or in your basement.

If you are thinking about waterproofing your basement there are several options available to you. You can hire a professional to waterproof your basement for you, which will be considerably more expensive than doing it yourself, or you can use proven DIY methods to waterproof your basement. In either case, waterproofing a basement is important for more reasons than just the safety of your home and your family. Below are some of the additional benefits associated with waterproofing your basement.

Homeowners often try to hide their basement in plain sight. This is unfortunate because the basement presents the perfect area for mold and mildew to grow due to dampness and moisture. By waterproofing your basement you can block out these damaging elements from invading your home. If your basement has been leaking it will present an even bigger problem and could ultimately lead to costly repairs. In addition, it will create a dangerous environment for anyone using your basement for an extended period of time.

Waterproofing your basement now will also save you a lot of money over the years. Waterproofing your basement costs significantly less in the long run than other means of waterproofing a basement such as drywall and installing concrete water proofing. When you waterproof your basement yourself you are investing not only money, but you are also investing your time in learning a very important home improvement skill. Many people who learn this valuable lesson find they actually save money by choosing to waterproof their own basement.

Finally, basement waterproofing makes your home safer. Homes with bathrooms and kitchens below ground level are more likely to be damaged by water if they remain unheated. Individuals in these homes stand a higher risk of slipping and falling since there is no ceiling to keep things from getting up and out of the basement. Waterproofing your basement allows you to install a special type of non-skid flooring that will keep water from reaching your floorboards.

One important thing to remember about basement waterproofing is that it should always be left to the professionals. You can learn a lot about waterproofing your basement yourself, but many times the job is just too complicated for an average homeowner. Professionals will also understand the hazards involved and have the necessary equipment to complete the job successfully. You might also find that you will have to pay a bit more than you would like for professional waterproofing of your basement.

In summary, basement waterproofing is beneficial not only to your home but also to your family. It prevents water damage and decreases the risk of your home becoming flooded. You can learn more about waterproofing your basement on the Internet or by talking to a local waterproofing contractor. If you live in part of the country that gets heavy rain during the springtime, waterproofing your basement may be even more important. There are many benefits to waterproof your basement, so do your research now and find out what you can save. To learn more about waterproofing visit Weather-tite Waterproofing