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The GForce Sports Invisible Athlete Forum is an opportunity for students, athletes, coaches and parents to learn about the experiences of LGBT athletes in a comfortable live setting. High school and college students are encouraged to listen to and question some of sports’ most accomplished athletes as they discuss what it’s like to come out to teammates, how being a gay athlete affected the physical and emotional aspects of competition, and how being gay in sports has changed their lives.

Invisible Athlete Forums can be conducted for individual schools, groups of schools or teams, or at conferences, and feature between one and five LGBT athletes depending on group size and location. Generally held as a moderated panel discussion, open and honest audience participation is encouraged and the panelists don’t set rules for topics. Questions and answers may be humorous and unexpected, but the panelists portray a sense of normalcy and demonstrate their triumph over adversity, the importance of relationships and a love of competition and sport.

Invisible Athlete Forums are not sport-specific.  Hockey, lacrosse, soccer, basketball and skiing all have been represented in panel discussions. The sports experience and ideals – teamwork, mutual support, practice, dedication, honesty, competition and communication – are universal. Gay athletes simply face a different challenge. In high school settings, GForce works with individual coaches, faculty and Gay-Straight Alliance sponsors prior to the presentation to identify pertinent issues and gauge specific school culture.

GForce Sports strives to be a gay athlete resource on the Web. Printed, video and online resources for student-athletes, straight allies, coaches and parents are available on this site Click HERE to access them.

For additional information and scheduling, contact our Forum Coordinator by clicking HERE.

GForce at Northeastern
University in Boston

Patrick Burke moderates a panel which includes Andrew Goldstein, Lee-J Mirasolo and David Farber at the Sunday School Building on the Christian Science campus.
GForce at the
AHCA Conference in Naples
Left to right: Rico Blasi (Miami University), Andrew McIntosh, Patrick Burke, David Farber
Left to right: Rico Blasi (Miami University), Andrew McIntosh, Patrick Burke, David Farber
GForce at the
University of Denver
Patrick Burke moderates the Invisible Athlete panel at the University of Denver.
Brandy Ranshaw listens as Dave Farber makes a point about his experiences.
A full house listened as the three panelists related their coming-out experiences.