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GForce Hockey is a team of dedicated gay hockey players who play for, advocate for and encourage gay and lesbian athletes across North America to be the best, proudest athletes they can be.

The GForce team is comprised of gay male ice hockey players from across North America, many of whom have played in the junior or college ranks and a couple who have semi-professional experience. We all share a common goal: to play the game competitively as gay athletes with all the courage, strength, commitment, passion and heart of our straight opponents.

We play as many tournaments as our budget will allow, including the annual Friendship Cup game in Aspen, Colorado. Other recent tournaments include a Can-Am tournament in Lake Placid and tournaments in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada.

GForce's gay athletes extend an open challenge to all of the straight teams out there: we come to play. Tell us where and when and we'll put a team on the ice. Bring it . . . we'll be ready.

Want to see GForce Hockey in action? Have a look at our seven minute video, "Out of the Neutral Zone," where we prepare for our annual Friendship Cup game in Aspen, Colorado.