ABS mentor-athletes are, first and foremost, LGBT athletes who have gone through the struggles of coming out to teammates, family members and friends. They possess big hearts, good listening skills and an unwavering passion to help those who are struggling with their sexuality.

We expect our mentor-athletes to accept one person at a time and plan to schedule between three and eight sessions, via phone, e-mail or text, with them. The commitment is five to ten hours a month, and you may not be matched with anyone for several months in a row. It all depends on the volume of people who reach out to us.

Each mentor participates in a training program so they feel comfortable in their new role.
Active listening, the use of open-ended questions and learning how to use your experiences effectively will all be discussed. Other subjects, including legal issues, how to deal with minors and where to find additional resources, will be presented as well. Each mentor will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and one that acknowledges their understanding of the program’s positions on romantic involvement with clients and dealing with minors.

Give back to those who will benefit the most from your experiences and become a mentor in the Athlete Buddy System.
Join GForce and the Athlete Buddy System as a mentor to GLBT athletes